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Stained Glass Supplies Kit (Full Kit)

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This kit contains all of the consumables needed to work in the stained glass lab. 1 Pound of Quality 60/40 Solder Roll 7/32" Foil (36 yards) - Black Back Roll 7/32" Foil (36 yards) - Copper Back Container of Flux Container of Copper Patina Container of Black Patina Brushes for Flux & Patinas Ceiling Tile Work Surface (Not pictured) Metal Push Pins (Not pictured) Silver and Black Sharpies Container to store supplies All that is needed beyond this is glass! (also available for sale - email us!) When you order, we will email you to arrange pickup at The MINT. Refills are available! $10 Cash/check discount if bought in person at The MINT. Email for details or for a custom kit.

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