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CNC Plasma Cutting 101

  • 02/29/2020
  • 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • The MINT, 112 Quality Lane, Rutland, VT
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CNC Plasma Cutting 101


Saturday, Feb. 29th, 12:30 - 5 pm. 

The intrepid Matt Angstadt @greywoodmills will be at The MINT teaching a Saturday afternoon workshop on how to use the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.  

Matt's workshop will cover the following...

I. CNC table

What is it? What additional capabilities does it provide?
- How does it work?
- How does it control the plasma cutter?
- Maintenance requirements

II. Process Overview 

1) Find or create a design image
2) Convert image to vector graphics format (.svg)
3) Convert vector graphics image to .dxf format
4) Convert .dxf to g-code (post process)
5) Use g-code to cut parts
6) Finish parts

III. Software packages 
1) Inkscape - Design and convert to vector graphics format (alt: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw)
2) Fusion360 - Convert to dxf and g-code
3) Mach3 - Cut parts

IV. Deeper Dive using example project  
- Inkscape basics
- How to convert an image to .svg using Inkscape
- Fusion360 basics/environment
- How to convert .svg to .dxf in Fusion360
- How to convert .dxf to g-code in Fusion 360 (post process)

V. Setting up to cut 
- Connecting and setting up the plasma cutter and table
- Mach3 basics
- How to load a .tap file into Mach3 and cut parts

VI. Dealing with Dross 
- What is dross?
- What causes it?
- How to minimize
- Methods for removing dross 

Finishing Project
- Paint
- Heat
- Chemical

VII. Beyond the Plasma
- Thinking in three dimensions
- Integrating plasma-cut parts into broader projects


Please wear close-toed shoes, long pants, and no loose clothing/jewelry/hair.

The MINT will provide each participant with a welding helmet to use during the workshop. Participants can bring their own welding helmet or plasma goggles (shade 8 or darker)

§  Note: Oxy/Acetylene goggles are a no-no! They do not filter out the light wavelengths generated by a plasma cutter.

What To Bring

Bring a laptop so you can follow along with the example project and actually work through it. This is not a hard requirement, but you will get a lot more out of the class if you are operating the software as Matt works through the demo project.

Make sure that Inkscape and Autodesk Fusion360 are loaded on your laptop before the workshop.

MINT Members: $65

Non MINT Members: $110

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