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MatchMaker is a specialized program designed to connect community members with project needs to skilled MINT makers. We have a broad product repertoire including wood, metal, plastics, pottery and glass. With a curated team of over 25 highly skilled creators, MatchMaker at The MINT facilitates the process of turning ideas into tangible products. Whether you have a specific project in mind or need assistance developing your concept, MatchMaker at The MINT is here to help.

How It Works:

  • Submit Your Idea: click here for survey Individuals with product ideas can submit a project description to MatchMaker at The MINT. This description should include details about the desired materials, dimensions, functionality, and any other relevant information.

  • Artisan Matching: MatchMaker at The MINT reviews the project description and matches the individual with a skilled artisan from their network who has the expertise to bring the idea to life. Each artisan specializes in specific mediums, ensuring that the project is matched with the most suitable creator.

  • Coordinate Conversation: MatchMaker  facilitates a conversation between the individual and the selected artisan. During this discussion, they can further refine the project details, discuss timelines, and address any questions or concerns.

  • Invoicing and Payment: MatchMaker  provides invoicing services to streamline the financial aspects of the project. They handle billing on behalf of the artisan, ensuring a smooth and transparent process. MatchMaker at The MINT charges a 20% fee for their matchmaking services.

  • Project Execution: Once the project details are finalized and payment arrangements are made, the artisan begins work on bringing the idea to life. Throughout the process, MatchMaker serves as a liaison between the individual and the artisan, providing support and assistance as needed.

    Maker and Compensation Requirements:

    • Artisans in the MatchMaker at The MINT program must be skilled creators proficient in their respective mediums.

    • Projects undertaken through MatchMaker must have a minimum charge of $65 pr/hr (Price may vary based on project needs) to ensure fair compensation for the artisan's time and expertise.

    By offering personalized MatchMaking services between individuals with product ideas and skilled makers, MatchMaker aims to foster collaboration and innovation in the creative process. 

      A place for tinkerers, makers, and small businesses to have space, contacts, and equipment to thrive. If you possess a passion for creating and making, a MINT membership is for you.

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